New York Hardcore

by talons'

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brantly All the warm, wry observations we've come to adore from Talon's with a soft, late-night anthem that's fun to hear for all of us who once drank Old E 40's and sewed Born Against patches on our clothes as young punks, and have now aged, gotten married and eat vegan food.
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2 New Songs recorded live to computer 8/7/15: Rode NT1000, Fender Musicmaster II, Apogee Duet, MBP.

"New York Hardcore"
What happens to punks when they grow up?
Do they still dress "punk"? Do they still listen to punk?
Do they show off their old tattoos or cover them up?

I learned about New York Hardcore from and article in the New Yorker
and it reminded me of being a teen, playing bass in the mirror to
Rage Against the Machine
Ragin' Against the Machine
But I guess its better to be angry, even when you don't totally understand why. No wait- that's a total lie.

Never thought i'd end up like this
Generally trying to ignore the fact that the world's going to shit

Rollin my eyes at the kids

"Driving Toward the Smoke"
Pretty girl in a pickup truck in my hometown
Maybe we went to high school together-
not that it matters - we're different people now.
Still I wonder what your maiden name was.
Did you marry your high school boyfriend or did you end up breaking up?
Weren't you going with that dirt biker kid? (with the track in his back yard)
I heard he got into Oxycontin, which sucks.
Life is hard.

And I know I should be heading home
Instead I'm following the smoke
Looking for the flames over the tops of the trees.
There's something in watching things dissolving that makes us
realize that we're alive and small and lucky
every day that everything's not falling apart.


released August 8, 2015




talons' Ohio

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