Songs for Babes (Lost Version)

by talons'

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Listener Be Aware:

This is a strange recording. This is the original in-progress version of "Songs for Babes". There was 1 copy of this on a CDr that I lost for years and just found it and decided to put it up here before I lose it again for good. The track order is as it was on the CDr, I did not (could not) mix or edit it in any way. Is it a Talons' album? Not really but kind of...

So in Akron, I had a friend Ian (I'm sorry Ian, but I don't know your last name). He was going to CSU for audio production and wanted to record some of my songs for a school project. I went up to the studio and recorded scratch vocals and guitar for a number of in-progress songs and then I went away on tour with 6/7. Months later, Ian gives me this CDr and he has "produced" all of the songs- arranged them, brought in other musicians, mixed them, everything. It was impressive and also very far from what I would have done myself. I thought it was good but also thought the singing was quite bad and also, I wanted to add my own parts, and mix the songs myself so I asked him for the files and he refused to let me have them. I think that sometime during those months, the record went from being "my thing" to being "his thing", and who could blame him, at this point he had put in many many more hours than I had. Unfortunately, that's where it stalled. I moved to Cleveland shortly thereafter, never saw Ian again and eventually just rerecorded the whole record.

So, to Ian and whoever the mystery band that plays on this are, thank you and I'm sorry and if anyone pays for this recording I will give the money to you if I ever see you again.


released July 7, 2007

MT- vocals, guitar
Mystery band- everything else
Produced by Ian




talons' Ohio

Imperfect Music

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