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    This shirt is the final step in a project focusing on the processing and evolution of sound and video.

    It began as treated guitar loops, which were then MIDI assigned and triggered using iPad through a wireless network. One of these pieces (Tonal) focuses on soft tones and a major-to-relative minor chord change over 10 minutes. The second piece (Atonal) focuses more on texture and the samples used were triggered in unison with video clips forming a 10 minute AV collage. Stills from this movie were printed out, cut up and ironed on to T-shirts as the final process.

    These T-Shirts are all unique and include a CDr of "Tonal" and a DVDr of "Atonal". Limited to 10 Copies, each different. These shirts will be made once they are ordered to allow for proper sizing so allow 7-10 days for turnaround. Please send an email to once you place your order to assure that we make you the correct size.

    This is Functional Object #5
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1. Tonal (audio)
2. Atonal (audio/video)

"Tonal" is an exercise in the evolution of an artistic idea, from improvised guitar to audio/video collage to photo to clothing.

"Tonal" is an instrumental album based in treated guitar samples recorded on a Roland RC-50 Loop Station. The loops were then loaded onto computer and MIDI-triggered along with corresponding video clips via iPad (Touch OSC). Frames from the resulting video were printed, cut and collaged onto T-Shirts, which will be released with a CD of "Tonal" and a DVD of "Atonal". 10 copies will be made (each in custom size to fit order).

Functional Object #5


released October 15, 2012



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