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jon & liam
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jon & liam "That sometimes unshakeable feeling that the world is going to shit" -
Jon Stormbeard
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Jon Stormbeard This is...

This is brutal. An existential crisis in a record. Favorite track: Rabbit.
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Indielist Yet another fantastic release from Talons'. Like a nod to a Grandaddy album with a sound that is more electric than electronic and lyrics that cut to the core of simply existing. On top of that, you can support this extremely talented artist and pick up a beautiful print of the album art. One day, Talons' will start pressing music to vinyl and I'll be broke and happy. Favorite track: Tired of IPAs.
Jeremy Wade
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Jeremy Wade Songs about being a 30-something drone, struggling under college debt, approaching parenthood, being churned inside a corroding capitalist dystopia. Favorite track: Rabbit.
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5 Loud Songs, 1 Quiet Song and 1 Interlude about working at a grocery store in the suburbs of a city far from home. Songs about sprawl, fading optimism, losing track of house shows, NPR, etc.

EP#3/4 supporting After Talons'

Recorded Spring/Fall 2015 at home in Novelty, OH by MT


released February 1, 2016

Work Stories:
There's trash blowing all around the parking lot,
a PetCo cart on its side on an island of mulch between
the Ulta and the Starbucks:
Is this what the end of the world looks like?
Or is this just life?

Every day the sun rises over the Old Navy
and then falls onto some shitty apartment building.
Is this the only world we're ever gonna know?
And worse, is this the one we'll leave?

There's a rabbit in the parking garage.
His left leg's fucked and I don't know if he knows which way is out.
In here where nothing's soft, he's sleeping in a pile of plastic bags
and Styrofoam cups.

Oh, our time is done. It was done before we were born.

He rode his bike right under a bus. Some days this goddamn city's
too much for me.
So let's go run away out into the woods ---
LOL, baby, maybe just grow the fuck up.
I'm 31 and wearing a baseball hat to work
drowning in debt with no prospects, living from check to check
my life is in...

I just wanna be a dad in badly fitting jeans, rolled-up papers in my
back pocket. My hair thin, my arms crossed, staring at my burned-out
lawn but not thinking about loss.
Because it's not about what we've lost.
It's what we hold and what we're holding out for.

Then the rain came, so I stayed inside, looking around online for something to do. Seems like my friends are all buying houses while I'm cutting up someone's bread at Whole Foods, thinking:
"What the hell am I gonna do in 10 years when I'm still paying on this loan,
with a rusted out Prius that I got from my mom, and my poor wife in her
threadbare Toms.?"

But it's not about what we've got. It's what we give and what we give up.

Bonnie Billy:
No one that I work with listens to Bonnie Billy.
How am I gonna survive for the next 20 years?
Back in college, everyone would listen to the Microphones,
here no one has heard of "Don't Wake Me Up", they haven't even
heard of "The Glow".
But what the hell do I expect? That was more than 10 years ago.

And I've been worrying that all of my favorite records have all already come out, and I don't even listen to them that much now or honestly anything.
Can I really let go of this part of me that used to be everything?
I swore I'd never get out of this. I swore I'd never stop...

Had to Work:
...then one night, you try to go out again and the old show house is for rent. And the spray-painted soundproofing carpets from the basement are rolled-up and out on the tree lawn.
Oh your time is gone now. Oh that time is gone.

Tired of IPAs:
I got tired of the IPAs I was drinking every night,
that summer that I stayed inside, in a city with no friends.
I'd get off of work at 10, take the train home and we'd watch Lost
on a mattress on the kitchen floor- I've never felt so close to anyone.

I got tired of irony when I was 28.
Of making fun of everything, realized I actually thought that
Fleetwood Mac were great.
But when I stopped laughing and tried to "grow up", I just saw the stupid and the sad. And I got cold and lost inside my head.

Now I'm missing my wife's pregnancy -working overnight at a job that I hate, just to keep our healthcare.
I guess these are the choices that we've gotta make.
Are these really the choices that we've gotta make?

Should I take Lake or North?
It's 3AM, I guess i'd better take the freeway
Half asleep in the car, listening to the BBC on NPR.
But fuck the World News, I'm worried about money
and our 20-week ultrasound.
I used to write songs about being 21 and lonely,
guess I'm an old man now.
What am I doing? What am I gonna do now, at 32 without a plan?
I guess I'll keep making things,
try to make do
and find the good where I can.




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